Wood Art

I love discovering interesting figure in the grain patterns of wood.  There is a quality to them that somehow seems more genuinely beautiful than anything produced by the imaginations of us mortals, no matter how skilled the artist.

These pieces are my mortal attempt to display such natural figure as "art".  

I have several other frame designs I'm experimenting with, I will put those up as soon as I have time to complete them.  [Two new designs are now done; see below.]

The background is heavy fabric over thin, lightweight wood.  I use half-lap joints at the corners, and screws carefully driven in from the back to secure the curly-maple accent bars.

This piece is 30" tall and 30" wide.

This shows the relative size of the 19" frames. Most of these frames are as wide as they are tall. Most are made of sapele and curly maple, but any interesting bit of scrapwood of the right length and thickess is a potential target for use in one of these pieces.

They are accompanied by a plant stand, a Morris chair, and a taboret table.

The piece on the lower left below is 26" tall and 23" wide.  The others are all 19" tall and 19" wide. 

Below are two new frame designs, with scroll saw work rather than natural wood figure.  I haven't decided how to price these yet, so for now I will keep them the same as the others.  

Price:  $250.  If you want the frame only, contact me and we can discuss the reduced price.

Daniel Lee Woodworks
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Contact: dan@dkilolima.com