Corner Couch

My first commision.  This was originally supposed to be what the old school guys called a "settle", but which we now just call a couch.  Then it became a corner couch (note the part that extends to the right added on after the first bit was done), then a corner couch with seats that had some storage underneath.  

Fun project.  All red oak.  I do not have photos with the cushions they made for it.

During construction I kept each of the sections seperate so that we could move it from shop to home.  The sections are joined to each other with mortise and tenon joints, but rather than gluing them in place, I used removable pins coming in through the back to secure the tenons.  This way the sections could be easily seperated again if they ever decided to move it elsewhere.

Below are two more photos of the project.  


This project was a donation to a Spanish church in Fort Lauderdale that was just getting started.  They had a great preacher and a nice band and a small but growing congregation, but a nice church needs a nice pulpit, which they didn't have.

Now they do.  My wife did the fretwork dove on the front from a design she found on the internet somewhere.  I'm thinking about hiring her.

Daniel Lee Woodworks
Fort Lauderdale, Florida