Commissioning Work

On this site I've put photos of a variety of different wood combinations that I've used in previous work, hoping to show that there are many possibilities when requesting a new piece.   Most pieces can be adjusted to match the specific size you need, and the type of wood or wood combination that matches the "look" you're looking for.

I cut and shape the stock for each piece from rough timber.  The pieces at the bottom of this page were each made from a single board.  The dining-table chair was made from a sapele board that was 6 feet long, 12 inches wide, and 2 inches thick.

The Morris chair below was made from a walnut board that was 8 feet long, 15 inches wide, and 3 inches thick.  Pictured at left is a similar sized sapele board; I was cutting stock for another Morris chair when I took the photo.

Cutting and planing my own stock allows me to avoid damaged areas in the wood, and also to locate and isolate interesting features in the wood's natural figure.  Watching for these as I work allows me to put particularly interesting patterns out where you can see them, e.g. on the arms of the chair or on the top of the taboret rather than down below the seat cushion or, heaven forbid, in the scrap pile.





Making the stock from rough lumber also means that I tend to stop planing when the piece looks clean, not when it is reduced to a particular size.  For example, my target minimum size for the Morris chair arms is 3/4 inch thick.  Usually they turn out to be a bit more than that.   Same with the tops of the taboret tables - only one of the tabletops on the taboret page is 3/4 inches, the other tops are closer to one inch, and one is actually a bit thicker than 1 inch.  

So every piece is one-of-a-kind.  

To order new work, contact me by phone or email to discuss the project.  If you are in South Florida I would be happy to meet with you in person.  I don't charge for planning the project unless it's a completely new design that would require a mock-up or a test piece to be built.  So if there is something you want that I haven't built yet, call and we can discuss.  

I can work with you on a payment schedule, but I generally need 50% when we agree on the project details, to cover the cost of buying wood and materials, and the remainder when the project is complete.



Daniel Lee Woodworks
Fort Lauderdale, Florida