Spindle Box Chair

This chair is a variation on a Gustav Stickley design.  My variation is to put a wide arm support all the way around the chair.  This has turned out to be a great place for a second person to sit, on the sides or on the back, when two of you are working on something on the computer.

This chair is much more slouchable than it looks.  However unlike many "box" chairs, it is also a very comfortable chair for working at a desk or a computer for long periods of time.   The way Stickley designed it, the back cushion turns out to provide great support for the lower back, and I've used one of these chairs as my desk/computer chair for six years now.

Price:  $1500; for Teak or Honduran mahogany add $120.  

Daniel Lee Woodworks
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Contact: dan@dkilolima.com